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What We Do

Enabling Triumph with an Extensive Portfolio of Holistic Business Services

As a socially-conscious firm, that is backed with cutting-edge contemporary technology, Our carefully curated services are designed to deliver efficiency, flexibility, and, above all, success. By distilling complex dilemmas into clear solutions, As an ethical firm, we set the benchmark for integrity and transparency absolutely dedicating to help our clients pursue their aspirations.

We wholeheartedly believe in the value of our work, and we are committed to giving back to the greater community with the skills and experience we have honed in our repertoire. Our unwavering dedication to making a positive impact drives us forward, and we strive to create a brighter future for all through our purposeful endeavours.

Why Alankarage Holdings

Extensive Experience

We bring over 3 decades of extensive industry experience that offers a wealth of knowledge that 

Diverse Portfolio

Our strong industry presence has paved the way for us to build a strong presence across multiple nations and 

Collaborative Approach

We strongly believe that transformation begins with a systematic collaborative approach by engaging stakeholders

Environmentally Responsible

We value sustainability and are dedicated to being an eco-friendly company with a low carbon footprint.

Empowering Communities

Our community-based initiatives harness the power of local and international communities to

Business Insights

Our invaluable knowledge is acquired through the meticulous analysis of data within a business 


With our comprehensive service capabilities and expansive network, we excel at unravelingly even the most intricate challenges. Through innovative approaches, we enable organizations to navigate the dynamic nature of today’s markets, driving transformative changes that spur growth.

Leveraging our insights and analytics, we help organizations identify, adapt, and align their strategies, Providing All-Encompassing Solutions with a Proven History of Success.

Business consultation

Our streamlined and agile services pave the way for businesses to focus on growth while ensuring tranquility and confidence.

Public Relations

We recognise that cultivating a robust corporate reputation demands unwavering commitment, time, and effort, and it can be swiftly undermined.

Investment & Assets Management

Our firm specializes in providing state-of-the-art and comprehensive investment and asset management services.

Engineering consultation

With strong regional presence, we have established strong collaborative networks and gained access to international experts, enabling us to harness their engineering expertise.

Tourism & hospitality

We recognize that the growth of the travel industry necessitates a forward-thinking mindset and decisive action.

Architecture and Interior

Our architectural and interior design services combine creativity, functionality, and modern minimalistic aesthetics to create captivating spaces that adhere to world standards.

Precious Gems : Evaluations, Certifications, and Trading

Our service are dedicated to providing the highest value for your precious gems while ensuring trust.

Gemstone Excavations and lapidary

Our gem mining operation epitomises the brilliance of nature as we venture into the depths to uncover prized gemstones.

Jewelry Designing and Manufacturing

Where artistry meets expertise, our distinguished jewelry designing and manufacturing service brings together world-class professionals and aspiring designers.

Plantation and Production

Our plantation and production services go beyond delivering world-class quality products and raw materials.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Our manufacturing and distribution operations prioritize environmental sustainability by employing modern.


We take immense pride in presenting our dynamic affiliates, which bolster our capability to deliver exceptional and unrivaled services to our esteemed clients. Each subsidiary is a specialist in its own industry.

Our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation serves as the cornerstone of our subsidiary operations, guaranteeing the delivery of unparalleled services and products fulfilling our clients’ distinct requirements across various sectors.

Serendi & Marquise

We pioneer exquisite jewelry with curated designs from unique global sources, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship and artistry for a captivating collection.

Alankarage Engineering

Provider of engineering consultation services.

Serendib Homes

We transform homes into smart and modern havens, integrating cutting-edge technology for automated convenience in lighting, security, and entertainment. Experience the future of living.


Taste Of Ceylon

Savor the authentic and vibrant flavors of Sri Lankan cuisine, crafted with rich spices, fresh ingredients, and unique tastes for an unforgettable culinary journey.

Ma Cherie

Discover a captivating collection of exquisitely crafted silver jewelry, combining artistry and elegance with exceptional craftsmanship and timeless style. Adorn yourself with brilliance.

JCC Gem & Jewelery

JCC Gem & Jewelry, with 40+ years of experience, is a trusted authority in gem exports, leveraging expertise in market trends and international regulations for successful transactions.

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At the heart of our success lies the enduring relationships we cultivate with our partners who share our unwavering passion for excellence. With a keen understanding of their unique needs and a shared drive for success, we have delivered transformative experiences and unlocked remarkable opportunities across various industries. Our collaborative approach and perceptive insights have consistently led to successful outcomes and forged a path towards mutual growth and prosperity.

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